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Twelve people injured in convent blast in Moscow Region

One of the injured, a 15-year-old, has been hospitalized in severe condition

MOSCOW, December 13. /TASS/. The number of those injured in an explosion at a school on the premises of Serpukhov’s convent in the Moscow Region has increased to 12 people, a source in the emergency services told TASS.

"The number of those injured has increased to 12 people, they are all teenagers. One of them, a 15-year-old, has been hospitalized in severe condition," the source said.

On Monday morning, a former student possessing a homemade bomb entered the premises of the Vvedensky Vladychny convent where the Russian Orthodox school is located and detonated the device. Teachers and students were evacuated, an ambulance was called to the site.

The perpetrator died of sustained wounds. He may still have other explosives on him, his body is being searched by detonation experts. According to the source, the teenager was also armed with a weapon that looked like a machete. The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on attempted murder and the illegal circulation of explosive substances.