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Putin sets task to boost small and medium business workforce to 25 mln by 2024

Under the decree, conditions for carrying out business activity must be improved by 2024

MOSCOW, May 7./TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to increase the workforce engaged in small and medium-sized businesses in Russia to 25 million by 2024.

"In implementing jointly with the government authorities of the Russian Federation regions the national project for the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support for individual business initiative, the government of the Russian Federation must ensure that the following performance target be achieved in 2024 - increasing the number of those engaged in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, to 25 million people," said the Decree on national goals and strategic development tasks of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024..

The president also ordered to bring the share of small and medium-sized enterprises to at least 10% in the total amount of exports. To achieve these figures, the president ordered to yearly increase the amount of easy credits for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Under the decree, conditions for carrying out business activity must be improved by 2024, including simplified procedures of reporting to the tax authorities for the entrepreneurs using cash registering appliances.

The president emphasized the importance of ensuring favorable conditions for self-employed people through new rules of taxation, envisaging automatic conveyance of sales data to the tax authorities and exemption from submitting financial statements.