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Putin: Operation in Syria revealed some problems that need to be analyzed, fixed

The president however praised the effectiveness and quality of Russian weapons demonstrated during the military operation in Syria

SOCHI, May 10. /TASS/. Effectiveness and quality of Russian weapons were clearly demonstrated during the military operation in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at a meeting with military commanders and defense industry officials.

"Effectiveness and high quality of Russian weapons were clearly demonstrated in Syria as well. Aerospace Defense Forces and the Navy showed it in the best way," Putin told a session with military commanders and defense industry officials.

The Russian leader however pointed out that the operation in Syria revealed some problems, and all of them have to be thoroughly analyzed and eliminated.

"The operation in Syria has revealed some problems and shortcomings as well," the president said. "A very thorough investigation needs to be carried out on each of them, I mean professional investigation and the most thorough analysis."

Putin noted that further steps should be taken to address the identified problems. "This will make it possible to adjust the future line of developing and upgrading military equipment," he said.

Russian Armed Forces to be 50% reequipped this year

Putin noted that the re-equipment level of the Russian Army and Navy will reach 50% by late 2016.

"Note that considerable changes for the better have occurred in the Armed Forces in recent years: the quality and intensity of combat training have improved, materiel support has become better, and the level of supply of modern samples of weapons and equipment has reached 47.2%," Putin said. "If I’m not mistaken, it was around 30% somewhere three years ago. I hope that we’ll reach the level of 50% by the end of this year," he said.

According to Putin, it is the seventh series of meetings with the leadership of the Defense Ministry and the defense industry complex. According to him, it will focus on the development of the national Armed Forces and the defense industry sector, as well as the results of the use of the Aerospace Forces and Navy during the operation in Syria. According to the president, this format is justified.

"We discuss in detail all that is happening at this point in time, what has been done in the previous few months and set tasks for the near future", the head of state added. According to him, at this point the participants in these meetings have formulated more than 200 orders, more than 150 of which have been fulfilled, and the fulfilment of the remaining ones continues within the established deadlines.

"We certainly need to keep this tempo", Putin said. He said it is necessary to consistently move forward, adding that the major work is ahead to supply the Army and Navy with new equipment and weapons. According to the president, it is necessary to bring the serviceability status of the existing armaments up to 92%.