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Russian-Thai military cooperation enjoys major potential — envoy

Yevgeny Tomikhin expressed hope the reciprocal visits of warships will continue next year

SATTAHIP /Thailand/, November 23. /TASS/. The Russian-Thai military-technical cooperation enjoys a major potential, which can be implemented on the basis of accumulated experience in the sphere, Russian Ambassador to Thailand Yevgeny Tomikhin told TASS during a visit to the Admiral Panteleyev large antisubmarine warfare ship, which is on a friendly visit in the kingdom.

"Military-technical cooperation builds on the basis of available interest. We attentively follow what our Thai friends are interested in. The Russian side believes there is a major potential. However, many things encounter such issues as financing and the military budget. Everyone has different possibilities, but the dialogue is ongoing. Russian and Thai organizations discuss various projects as we have specific achievements and accumulated experience," he said.

Reciprocal visits of warships is a long-standing tradition. "It is important that contacts between the Thai and Russian navies develop. Not only the demonstration of the flag, but also strengthened friendly ties and enhanced professional exchanges. There are Thai navymen who study in our military educational establishments. Historically, our relations with Thailand have always been benevolent and friendly. Last year we marked 125 years of diplomatic relations. After a long COVID pause, we again have an opportunity to see Russian sailors on the Thai soil," Tomikhin said and expressed hope the reciprocal visits of warships will continue next year. "Hospitality is a traditional trait of our people and Thai colleagues," he added.

The Admiral Panteleyev will stay in Sattahip until November 25.

The Pacific fleet said on October 7 the Admiral Tributs and the Admiral Panteleyev large antisubmarine ships sailed out of Vladivostok for a mission in Asia and Pacific region. In Peter the Great Bay, antisubmarine and rescue Ka-27 helicopters landed on the warships. They flew from the deployment airfield in Primorsky region.

The Russian warships and the helicopters held antisubmarine drills and trained air defense and countersubversion algorithms. They will also train communications and survivability, as well as replenish stocks in motion.

The Admiral Tributs and the Pechenga tanker currently participate in a joint exercise with the Indian Navy in the Bay of Bengal.