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Russian sub Kronshtadt to carry Kalibr cruise missiles, says defense chief

The submarine will enter service with the Northern Fleet

MOSCOW, March 7. /TASS/. The Project 677 Lada second diesel-electric submarine B-586 Kronshtadt will enter service with Russia’s Northern Fleet and carry Kalibr cruise missiles, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said during a conference call with military commanders on Tuesday.

"The first issue on the agenda is the construction of the large submarine Kronshtadt that will enter service with the Northern Fleet. The ship is set to feature Kalibr cruise missiles, the latest radar, sonar and navigational systems. This will considerably boost its combat efficiency," Shoigu stressed.

The conference call will discuss measures to ensure the vessel’s timely delivery to the Russian Navy, specify the timeframe of its state trials and its entry into service, the defense chief said.

Project 677 Lada diesel-electric submarines belong to the fourth generation of conventional subs. They displace 1,750 tons in their surface position and can accelerate to 21 knots in their submerged position. Project 677 Lada subs are armed, in particular, with Kalibr cruise missile systems and have a crew of 35. The Project 677 lead diesel-electric submarine St. Petersburg entered service with the Russian Northern Fleet in September 2021 after its experimental operation.

The submarine B-586 Kronshtadt was laid down in 2005 and its construction was suspended and then restarted only in 2013.