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Argentina's president-elect briefs US on his attitude to BRICS

On November 19, Argentina held a presidential election runoff

BUENOS AIRES, November 29. /TASS/. Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei has briefed US officials in Washington on his position regarding the country's participation in BRICS.

"We have reiterated our commitment to the alliance with the United States, Israel and the West. We showed our clear and decisive stance on the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group, as well as our position on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and on BRICS," Milei told Continental radio. He did not specify what his position was.

On Tuesday, Milei met in Washington with US presidential national security aide Jake Sullivan, Juan Gonzalez, the Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere at the White House National Security Council, and Brian Nichols, US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere affairs.

On November 19, Argentina held a presidential election runoff. The Libertarian deputy, nominated by the right-wing Liberty Advances coalition, outperformed Economics Minister Sergio Massa.

Milei has repeatedly said he does not intend to develop interstate relations with Brazil, China and Russia because of disagreement with the policies of these countries, but at the same time has maintained that he will not prevent private businesses from doing business with them. His foreign policy adviser and future foreign minister Diana Mondino said in late October that the Liberty Advances alliance now saw no point in Argentina's participation in BRICS, where the country was admitted following the group's August summit, but did not rule out a change of attitude. On November 25, the TN TV channel quoted coalition sources as saying that Milei's team was analyzing the possibility of joining BRICS with inactive participation in the group's work.