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Turkmenistan’s election commission announces final results of parliamentary election

According to the TV report, final voter turnout was 91.12%

ASHGABAT, March 29. /TASS/. Turkmenistan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) summed up on Wednesday the final results of the election to Turkmenistan’s unicameral parliament, known as the Mejlis, the Watan program on Turkmen television reported.

According to the TV report, final voter turnout was 91.12%. A total of 125 lawmakers have been elected out of 258 candidates to take seats in the parliament.

On March 26, Turkmenistan’s voters cast ballots to elect members of the parliament. The election marked the Central Asian country’s return to a unicameral parliamentary system, which was initiated by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, chairman of the Halk Maslahaty (People’s Council) and Turkmenistan’s national leader, in January. In addition, voters elected members of the Halk Maslahaty (People’s Councils) in regions, districts, and cities, and of local self-governance bodies, on the same day.

The elections are recognized as valid. Deputy Chairman of the Turkmen CEC, Amangeldy Gandymov, said earlier that the country’s legislation does not set any minimum threshold for voter turnout, and therefore an election is deemed valid with any number of voters casting ballots at the polls. In 2018, voter turnout in the previous parliamentary election had been 91.75%.