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Participants in intra-Afghan talks urge withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan

Participants in the Moscow talks also called on other countries to "avoid interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs"

MOSCOW, February 6. /TASS/. /TASS/. Participants in the intra-Afghan conference in Moscow have called for complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, Tolo News TV channel reported citing the statement issued at the end of the conference.

"All parties agreed that to determine lasting peace in Afghanistan, the following points are important: the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, asking all countries to avoid interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, providing assurance to the international community that Afghanistan will not be used against any other nation, protection of social, economic, political and educational rights of the Afghan women in line with Islamic principles, protection of political and social rights of the entire people of Afghanistan and protection of freedom of speech in line with Islamic principles, undertaking efforts for attracting international assistance for the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s infrastructure," the statement said.

Participants in the talks also emphasized the importance of continuing dialogue. "All parties agreed that in view of the current sensitive situation, the intra-Afghan dialogue must continue on regular basis," the statement read adding that "the delegates unanimously agreed to hold the next round of talks in Qatar's capital Doha as soon as possible."

One of the conference's organizers, research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Omar Nessar said that talks in such format will be held regularly. "The meeting in Qatar will most likely be held in the next couple of months. There we will agree on where to hold the next conference," Nessar said.

The intra-Afghan conference in Moscow was held on February 5-6. It was organized and sponsored by representatives of the Afghan diaspora in Russia. Participants in the conference discussed the situation in Afghanistan and looked for ways to peacefully settle the years-long conflict.