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Russia may set up Cyber Command under new defense minister, says expert

"Unfortunately, wars will always accompany humankind as long as modern states exist," Igor Korotchenko explained

MOSCOW, May 15. /TASS/. Russia may set up a Cyber Command under new Defense Minister Andrey Belousov as cyberspace is turning into an independent combat sphere, military analyst, Editor-in-Chief of the National Defense magazine, Director of the World Arms Trade Analysis Center Igor Korotchenko told TASS on Wednesday.

"There are also other spheres that need to be improved, among them information warfare. This refers both to work with foreign media, mass media and targeted impact on enemy decision-making centers to compel and prompt it to move in our desired direction," the expert pointed out.

"Unfortunately, wars will always accompany humankind as long as modern states exist. That is why, future warfare and the army needed to conduct it are an important component in the defense ministry’s strategy. With Belousov taking office, a full-fledged Cyber Command may appear in the structure of the Russian Armed Forces, bearing in mind that cyberspace is turning into an independent sphere of combat operations, which is a generally recognized fact," he explained.

The Defense Ministry should not be a structure "closed in itself," the expert said.

"An external, frequently critical expert study is needed on some issues. Incidentally, Belousov used precisely this approach in his report to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin on the problem of drones in the country. The report sounded dissonant with cheerful messages. The man quickly and effectively got to the crux of the matter, reported, identified bottlenecks and came up with a proposal on how to make the problem get off the ground. The problem with drones was obvious but not to everyone. Why? It is a separate question. It has to be dealt with," the expert added.