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Online vote convenient, reliable, Putin says

Russian President says he hopes for active position of Russian citizens during Single voting day.

MOSCOW, September 10. /TASS/. Online vote is a very reliable and convenient form of voting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday after casting his own vote online from his office in the Kremlin.

"September 11 is the Single voting day in Russia. But it is also possible to cast a vote in advance and remotely, which is exactly what I did now. It is a very convenient, reliable form of vote. To those who can and want to use it - I recommend," the Russian leader said.

The President expressed his hope that the people of Russia will display an active position and make their choice in any case.

On Saturday, the head of state took part in the municipal elections in Moscow in an online format. This is the second time that the Russian leader casts his vote online. He did it for the first time last year, after he had to self-isolate due to the coronavirus cases around him.

Usually, Putin cast his vote at a voting station in Moscow’s southwest.

The Single voting day will take place between September 9 and 11; Moscow residents will have to pick 1,417 deputies to municipal councils out of 5,700 candidates.