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Russian senator compares US 'Kremlin Report' to Kremlin phone book

Konstantin Kosachyov believes that the report is clear evidence that this policy by the United States is bound to last

MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. The so-called Kremlin report looks like a Kremlin phone book copied and pasted by US secret services, the chairman of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachyov, said on Tuesday.

"The first impression of the list the Secretary of the Treasury submitted to Congress yesterday (at least its political section) produces an impression US secret services, despaired of unearthing the promised and, what is more important, proven evidence against Russian politicians have just copied the Kremlin phone book. In it one finds the chiefs of all Russian leadership bodies in alphabetical order," Kosachyov said on his Facebook page.

In his opinion the report is clear evidence that this policy by the United States is bound to last.

"It is really serious and bound to last. As it has turned out, political paranoia is very hard to cure, especially when the patient is reluctant to recognize he is sick and refuses to undergo treatment," Kosachyov said.

Effect on US-Russian relations

The United States will fail to normalize relations with Russia, because the effects of such steps as the publication of the so-called "Kremlin Report" will upset cooperation prospects for years ahead, according to Kosachyov. 

"The effects are extremely toxic and will upset cooperation prospects for years to come. The relations will never become normal again," Kosachyov said on his Facebook page.

He added that no changes in relations between Russia and the United States should be effected, at least as long as the commanding positions in Washington were held by the generation of politicians who matured during the Cold War and have failed to get rid of the maniacal idea of American exclusiveness to this day.

The list of persons mentioned in the so-called "Kremlin Report" was made public on Tuesday morning Moscow time. There are 210 names on it - 114 Russian civil servants and also major businessmen and CEOs of public companies, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, all of his deputies and all 22 Russian government ministers.

This is not a sanction list. No restrictions or bans in the United States apply to the listed persons.