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Moscow deeply concerned over North Korean missile tests — diplomat

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stresses North Korea’s missile tests aggravate the situation in the region

VLADIVOSTOK, June 8. /TASS/. Moscow is deeply concerned over North Korea’s missile tests as such actions aggravate the situation in the region, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

"We have been closely following the situation on the Korean Peninsula," she said. "North Korea’s missile tests, which have been stepped up recently, cause deep concern. We are convinced that such actions aggravate the situation," the Russian diplomat added.

She pointed out that Russia had supported the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2356, adopted on June 2, which imposed new sanctions on a number of North Korean citizens and companies. "We confirm our readiness to cooperate with the global community in order to solve the nuclear issue and other problems concerning the Korean Peninsula," Zakharova said. "However, we emphasize our concern over the United States’ military build-up in Northeast Asia," she added.

"This does not help create conditions for resuming dialogue," the Russian foreign ministry’s spokeswoman stressed.

The United States’ proposals concerning the situation on the Korean Peninsula are reminiscent of election slogans and do not have much to do with diplomacy, she went on. 

"We have heard very strong statements, but they are in line with some election promises and thus remind more of election slogans than diplomatic efforts," she said.

"We would certainly like to discuss this matter more thoroughly with our US counterparts, but taking into account what is currently going on in Washington… This is not a priority for them, they have not even defined their own possibilities yet," Zakharova added.

The Russian diplomat stressed that talks were the only way to solve problems facing the Korean Peninsula, including the nuclear issue.

"We believe that the use of force will lead nowhere," she said. "There can be no military solution to the issue," the Russian foreign ministry’s spokeswoman concluded.