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Experts slam 'Russian hacker' hype as 'fake news' to feed US media's need for bogeyman

The US authorities have been methodically accusing Russia since late last year of hacker attacks

MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Accusations hurled at Russia claiming its hackers’ allegedly meddled in US domestic affairs are a media phenomenon aimed solely at serving American domestic political needs, experts interviewed by TASS said on Friday.

The US establishment has been systematically accusing Russia since late last year of hacker attacks. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said earlier in April that the accusations against Russia for its alleged role in the so-called hacker attacks had been voiced for many months but not a single shred of evidence has been produced to prove it.

InfoWatch CEO Natalia Kasperskaya told TASS that this type of media activity "is being cultivated on purpose, primarily because it is essential for US internal needs."

"If we speak about Russian hackers and their might, these stories are so exaggerated that it is obvious for any person of sound judgment, even for those who are not experts in information security that Russian hackers couldn't have done everything that's been pinned on them. Otherwise, this had to have been an incredibly gargantuan organization," Kasperskaya noted.

According to the InfoWatch head, the US administration pins internal setbacks or problems on the existence of an "external enemy." However, if technical details are studied, it turns out that reality does not correspond to what is reported.

"This is a good media story," Internet adviser to the the Russian president Herman Klimenko told TASS.

"It fits into a sequence of brain viruses as a blockchain, for example, no one knows what the discussion is about but we are disputing events, which we don’t even grasp," he said.
However, if the talk is about professional hackers, they can’t be caught, the expert said.

"No one has been able for 15 years to find the creators of death groups, for example," he pointed out. Moreover, information on the hackers who have been caught always causes only distress as this speaks about the number of errors in their work and traces left, he added.

"This is, of course, an unproven story, a classical story of reflecting fears. The news topic can be explained away as Americans do not like a rational explanation and thus an irrational story has to be found: Russians have interfered," Klimenko said.
Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov earlier said that the accusations very frequently brought against Russian hackers suggest that Russia's IT-specialists have top-notch training.