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Cameron’s claims about Ukrainian strikes on Russia 'a direct escalation' — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov characterized Cameron’s remarks as "yet another very dangerous claim"

MOSCOW, May 3. /TASS/. The Kremlin views British Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s claims that Kiev is entitled to use British-made weapons for strikes on Russia as a direct escalation, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

"We see this kind of verbal escalation from officials. We see it both at the level of heads of state, when it comes to France, and at a rather expert level, when it comes to the UK," the spokesman said.

"This is a direct escalation of tensions around the Ukrainian conflict, which could potentially pose a threat to European security, for the entire European security architecture," Peskov added.

He characterized Cameron’s remarks as "yet another very dangerous claim."

"We register this kind of dangerous trend towards escalation of tensions in official statements. This is concerning," the spokesman said.

On May 2, Reuters published an interview with Cameron, in which he claimed that Ukraine has a right to carry out strikes on targets in Russia using British-made weapons. Later, the interview was withdrawn - according to the news agency, "pending review of certain details in the story."

The new version was published at midnight, and did not differ from the initial material. It also contained London’s promise to continue providing $3.74 billion of aid to Ukraine annually for as long as it would take.