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Wang Yi to visit Moscow, may meet with Putin — Kremlin

Earlier, it was reported that Wang Yi had arrived in Moscow

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin may hold talks with Chinese State Councilor and Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office Wang Yi during the diplomat's visit to Moscow, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Monday.

"We do not rule out a meeting between Mr. Wang Yi and the [Russian] president, he will indeed be in Moscow. We will brief you on the date," the Kremlin spokesman said.

He noted that "Russian-Chinese relations are very multidimensional, allied in nature." "The agenda is clear and very extensive, so there is a lot to talk about," Peskov concluded.

Kommersant earlier reported that Wang Yi had arrived in Moscow, the final leg of his European tour, which ends on February 22. According to the newspaper, the main purpose of the trip is to "enhance Beijing's role in the Ukrainian settlement."

As Wang Yi earlier said, China does not want to see the crisis in Ukraine drag on and expand, and is willing to work with the international community to prevent further escalation of the situation and achieve peace.