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Lavrov says US wants New START Treaty inspections to resume but isn’t ready to play fair

It is added that Russia is essentially branded as enemy

MOSCOW, December 28. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Channel One television on Wednesday that the US strongly insists on resuming inspections under the New START Treaty but isn’t ready to play fair.

"They want these inspections very much and they send us signals, with representatives of the National Security Council making calls to seek a resumption. We absolutely follow your analysis that it’s not inspections that ensure stability, just quoting the treaty. The preamble to the treaty says - I don’t recall the exact wording - about the new type of relations that are based on mutual trust, mutual respect, cooperation and many other things. That all has now been canceled out by the United States. We are essentially branded as enemy, there’s no trust there and they say it openly to us," he said.

"So, in these conditions, if they see just one important thing about this treaty - which is let us come and take a look - then it’s not very fair, I think," the minister said.