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Putin says Russia, US share understanding regarding each other's "red lines"

According to the Russian President, this issue was not discussed in detail

GENEVA, June 16. /TASS/. Moscow and Washington understand each other regarding so-called "red lines" that must not be trespassed, although this issue was not discussed in detail at the just-ended Russian-US summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a final news conference.

"In general, it is clear to us what our US partners talk about, and they do understand, what we say, when it comes to the 'red lines.' But I should say frankly that we have not gone as far as placing the emphases in detail and distribute and share something," Putin said in reply to a question.

He recalled that at the bilateral meeting in Geneva Russia and the United States "agreed to work on cybersecurity and strategic stability, as well as to cooperate in the Arctic and along some other tracks".

"All this should gradually become a subject matter of our discussions and, I hope, of agreements," Putin said.