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Trump not going to abandon US politics, Putin thinks

Incumbent US President Donald Trump enjoys wide support in his country, the Russian leader said

MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/. Incumbent US President Donald Trump enjoys wide support in his country and, as far as Moscow understands, is not going to leave politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual press conference on Thursday.

In response to a question which post the American leader can now count on with the Russian support, Putin noted that "there is no necessity" for Trump to get employed. "Almost 50% of the population voted for him if one counts the number of voters, not electors," the Russian president reiterated. "He has a rather large base of support inside the United States and, as far as I understand, he is not going to leave the political life of his country," he added.

On December 14, the US Electoral College convened and confirmed Biden’s election victory. The Democrat received 306 votes, while incumbent President Donald Trump secured 232 votes. With 538 electors, a candidate needs to get 270 votes to be elected to the office of President of the United States.

In late November, Trump, who has still not conceded, said that he would leave the White House only if the Electoral College voted for Biden. In light of this remark, the procedure which is normally considered a formality drew enormous media spotlight.