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Medvedev orders to speed up Vostochny space center construction to be on schedule

The construction of the cosmodrome is a great and ambitious project not only for the Far East, but entire Russia, Russia's PM says

GORKI, November 17. /TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered to speed up the Vostochny space center construction not to be behind schedule.

“The active phase of the construction is underway, but as I understand, it is behind schedule, and certainly it is bad. It must be made up for,” the premier told his deputies during a meeting. The work must go on according to schedule if possible, he added.

The construction of the cosmodrome is a great and ambitious project not only for the Far East, but entire Russia. “It is not only of scientific, but also economic importance, even it can be said geopolitical,” the premier said, adding he meant prestige of the state.

Medvedev also said he would meet with the Roscosmos (federal space agency) chief. “I would like to hear what is planned to be done, as there are real problems, not only of an objective character, but also subjective,” he said.

The prime minister ordered Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin to plan a meeting for next week to discuss it.

First launch from Vostochny planned for late 2015

The first launch from the Vostochny space center is planned for late 2015, according to schedule, Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin said in response.

During a meeting with Premier Dmitry Medvedev and other vice-premiers, Rogozin said a rocket with space satellites would be delivered to the launch site in mid-2015.

“The carrier rocket Soyuz is ready, as well as the Lomonosov and Aist space vehicles, which are planned to be launched in December next year. They will be delivered to the cosmodrome in the middle of next year to make preparations for the flight,” Rogozin said.

Rogozin, who recently returned from the construction site, reported to the premier that the main conditions for assembling work in winter were created in Vostochny.

The concrete construction work on the first launch pad is planned to be completed on December 25, he said, adding he planned to inspect the construction site in late December and report how the work was done to the premier.

The Vostochny space center is under construction in the Amur region at the city of Uglegorsk, Russia’s Far East. The space port will occupy 700 sq km. It will be the first national civil-purpose cosmodrome to ensure independent access for Russia to space. For the present, Russia launches manned spacecraft from Baikonur built in Kazakhstan in Soviet times. Russia at present leases it from Kazastan.