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Seven dead, 9 missing in Irkutsk Region flood

153 injured people are in hospitals

TASS, July 1. /TASS/. Seven people have died and nine have gone missing in the flood that hit the Russian region of Irkutsk, the regional emergency services told TASS.

"According to the latest data, seven people fell victims to the flood. Nine are missing, a child is among them," the source said, adding that 153 injured people are in hospitals.

According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, almost 3,300 residential buildings where more than 9,500 people live in 55 communities. Forty-three socially important facilities are in the flooded areas, such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens. The flood damaged thirteen highway bridges, the traffic is restricted on a section of the R255 highway dubbed Sibir. Seven sections of roads of local importance were also flooded.

On Monday, regional branch of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations issued a statement on its website, which reads that almost 33,000 people in 83 communities are or were in the flooded areas. A damage assessing commission has begun its work.