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Italy eyeing wind power projects in Russia

Vladimir Putin has noted that Russia and Italy cooperate in various fields, including energy and hi-tech

SOCHI, May 17. /TASS/.Italy is interested in promoting wind power projects in Russia, President Vladimir Putin said after talks with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

He noted that Russia and Italy cooperate in various fields, such as hi-tech, science, education and space research. "There are good prospects in aircraft construction, helicopter manufacturing, engine building, and infrastructure," he said.

"Let alone the energy sector, there are different areas of cooperation: hydrocarbon energy and renewable sources. Together with the prime minister, we have just discussed the interest of the Italian company Enel in the development of wind power technologies, and there are other areas as well," the Russian leader said.

He added that they also discussed various areas of economic cooperation.

"I have no doubt that all these areas will be in demand and will develop. We’ll see how many of these areas [of cooperation] are being promoted in practice during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum," Putin concluded.