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China interested in supplies of chocolate, honey and ice cream from Russia

In addition, Chinese consumers may be interested in innovative solutions of the Russian producers

HARBIN, October 23. /TASS/. Chinese consumers are interested in deliveries of Russian foods, like chocolate, honey and ice cream, Russia's trade representative in China Alexei Gruzdev told TASS Friday.

"There is a huge consumer demand in China. In particular this applies to Russian foods: chocolate, honey, ice cream, sausages, beverages," he said.

In addition, according to Gruzdev, Chinese consumers may be interested in innovative solutions of the Russian producers.

From the point of view of the interests of end users and the development of free competition Gruzdev sees only positive points Chinese online shopping sites coming to the Russian market. "At the first stage it could be a shock for the domestic players, but then will create an additional incentive for quality development," he said.

Gruzdev added that the Chinese players entering the Russian market is also interesting in the way that it simultaneously opens the Chinese market for Russian producers: these channels may serve counter flows of domestic goods.

According to Gruzdev, the recent meeting of the subcommittee on customs cooperation between China and Russia discussed the issues of cross-border e-commerce. "The customs services of the two countries are looking at this phenomenon positively, they are ready to assist. At the same time there will be a clear control to prevent abuse. The schemes when under the guise of retail purchases a bulk order is created should not exist," Gruzdev said.

Over the last year three Chinese online retailers came to the Russian market came:, AliExpress and In addition, in early September online trading platform TradeEase started working in Russia.