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Russian planes hit 180 terrorist targets near Syria's Akerbat over past day

The Russian planes flew more than 50 sorties to support advancing Syrian government troops

HMEYMIM AIRDROME /Syria/, September 12. /TASS/. Russian air strikes in Syria destroyed nearly 180 facilities of terrorists’ infrastructures near Akerbat on Monday to support advancing Syrian government troops, the Russian military group’s chief of staff, Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Lapin, told the media on Tuesday.

"On Monday alone Russian planes flew more than 50 sorties near Akerbat to wipe out nearly 180 terrorist targets - terrorists’ pockets of resistance and strongholds, underground shelters, command centers, terrorists groups, artillery positions and ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants warehouses," Lapin said.

He recalled that in central Syria government forces had gained control of the city of Akerbat - a strategic transport node the terrorists had turned into a major stronghold.

"The last remaining loopholes for delivering ammunition and materiel to the terrorists have been plugged. The Syrian army is pushing ahead with security sweeps to clear the areas west and north of Akerbat of terrorists. The terrorist groups still offer strong resistance despite the heavy losses they have sustained," Lapin said.

Over the past week of heavy fighting the Syrian army has retaken another eight localities to split the group of militants near Akerbat and complete its defeat piece by piece.

"Russian planes support the advancing Syrian troops round the clock by conducting reconnaissance and destroying terrorists’ manpower and materiel and also warehouses containing ammunition and other supplies," Lapin said.