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Israel to soon retaliate Iranian attack, no exact date yet — media

The Wall Street Journal did not specify the exact day

NEW YORK, April 15. /TASS/. Israel may soon retaliate Iran's attack on Israeli military facilities, The Wall Street Journal  reported, citing sources.

The newspaper did not specify the exact day when Israel will respond to the attack. The newspaper's sources note that the US will not take part in such an Israeli offensive operation. Washington insists that Jerusalem will not do anything that could lead to further escalation.

The New York Times, in turn, recalled that officials have not made any statements since Israel's military cabinet met on April 14. However, an official familiar with the discussions confirmed that Israel would certainly retaliate the Iranian attack. As the newspaper reported earlier, citing sources, Israel's response will be coordinated with allies. The New York Times did not specify with whom exactly.

Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel on the evening of April 13, calling it a response to numerous crimes, including an airstrike on the consular section of the country’s embassy in Damascus. The Israel Defense Forces said it had intercepted 99% of the Iranian projectiles that flew toward the country, with minor damage to the Nevatim air base.