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Plotted terrorist attack undermines talks with Moldova — Transnistria’s top diplomat

Vitaly Ignatyev noted that there had been no reaction from Moldova and the OSCE to the invitation to cooperate in the probe into the terrorist attacks of last April

CHISINAU, March 13. /TASS/. Information about a terrorist attack plotted in Tiraspol undermines negotiations on a settlement between Moldova and Transnistria, in which Russia and Ukraine mediate, the unrecognized republic’s Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev said in an interview publicized by the ministry's press service on Monday.

"This provocation grossly violates stability, violates the basis for dialogue," Ignatyev said.

He noted that there had been no reaction from Moldova and the OSCE to the invitation to cooperate in the probe into the terrorist attacks of last April. "We have seen amazing indifference. There was no reaction, no desire to investigate, which speaks volumes," the top diplomat added.

He reiterated that on March 10, the Transnistrian authorities called on the international community to condemn the plotting of a terrorist attack in Tiraspol, and discuss the issue at the UN Security Council. The appeal was addressed to the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the participants in the "five plus two" format (Moldova, Transnistria, the OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, as well as observers from the EU and the US). In addition, it was also sent to the Ukrainian embassy in Chisinau.

Terrorist attacks

Last week, the State Security Ministry of the unrecognized republic said it had thwarted a terrorist attack against several Transnistrian officials. Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky said the attack had been planned at the behest of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). The perpetrators’ plan was to detonate a car bomb, packed with eight kilograms of hexogen, as well as screws and nuts, in the center of Tiraspol so as to cause as many casualties as possible. Two plotters are reported to have been detained, and one of them has already given testimony. .

In April 2022, Transnistria was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks, beginning with the shelling of the State Security Ministry building with grenade launchers. Then, broadcasting antennas were blown up at one of the region’s largest radio and television centers, in the village of Mayak. Attacks were also carried out on military airfields near Tiraspol and Rybnitsa, as well as against the Transnistrian peacekeeping contingent and the premises of an arsenal near the village of Kolbasna, which serves as a storage depot for roughly 20,000 tons of ammunition. No one was hurt during these attacks.

Krasnoselsky stated back then that the sabotage had been masterminded from Ukrainian territory. He also blamed the Moldovan secret services for their contribution. After the attacks, Transnistria put into place the maximum terrorist threat level. On May 25, it was downgraded from red to yellow and remains in effect to this date.