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Kiev does not give up attempts to attack ZNPP — adviser to Roseneregoatom’s CEO

Renat Karchaa emphasized that the Russian authorities and military were getting ready for any march of events

MOSCOW, November 22. /TASS/. The Ukrainian authorities continue attempts to organize an assault on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), the Rosenergoatom concern CEO’s adviser, Renat Karchaa, said on the Rossiya-1 TV channel on Tuesday.

"This threat [of an attack on the ZNPP] is permanent, they (the Ukrainian forces - TASS) have repeatedly attempted landing operations. They have already exhausted the opportunities for recruiting agents among the plant's staff. Accordingly, they have already begun to send agents through contractor organizations," Karchaa said. The tablet that was confiscated from a Ukrainian agent, seized last time, contained videos of various ZNPP rooms. "They had installed sensors there and were sending all that stuff to Kiev," Karchaa continued.

"They are not just considering the possibility of storming the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, they are ready for this and are preparing it," he emphasized. The Rosenergoatom CEO’s adviser said the Russian authorities and military were getting ready for any march of events.

Earlier, Karchaa said that the last shelling of the ZNPP’s territory by the Ukrainian security forces was one of the most serious ones recently. All strikes were targeted. He added, though, that at the moment the facility was protected well enough.

As the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier, the Ukrainian army had resumed the ZNPP’s shellings after a two-month lull. On November 19 and 20 alone, Kiev’s forces fired at least 25 shells at the facility. One hit the roof of special building No. 2 housing nuclear fuel.