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LPR in process of opening embassy in Moscow, says its top diplomat

Purely bureaucratic issues have yet to be solved, Vladislav Deinego explained

LUGANSK, August 18. /TASS/. The Lugansk People’s Republic is getting ready to open its embassy, the republic’s foreign minister, Vladislav Deinego, told TASS.

"The republic is in the process of opening an embassy right now. That is, a government decision has been made to establish an embassy. Surely, it will take time to implement it. Preparations are underway, but I cannot announce the date yet," he said in an interview.

Purely bureaucratic issues have yet to be solved, Deinego explained.

"As for opening embassies in other cities, first we should open [this] embassy, then discuss any expansion. You need to go step by step. Of course, there are some plans, but it may be too early to discuss them," the diplomat said.