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Iran informs UN nuclear watchdog of its plans to enrich uranium to 20% — reports

Fuel plates made of uranium metal will be produced for the Tehran research reactor

TEHRAN, July 7. /TASS/. Iran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of its intention to launch the production of 20% uranium enrichment to produce fuel plates for the Tehran research reactor, the Iranian Press TV television channel reported on Wednesday, citing Iran’s envoy to the IAEA Kazem Garibadadi.

"Fuel plates made of uranium metal are a modern type of nuclear fuel whose production technology only a few countries possess," the TV channel quoted the Iranian envoy as saying.

"Three years ago, Iran began research in this area. Using the new technology, new fuel plates will be produced with 20% enriched uranium," Garibadadi said.

The new technology will also help facilitate the use of nuclear medicine more actively and effectively, he emphasized.