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Hainan Ocean Park steps up efforts to save marine animals

Biodiversity Conservation Center provides disease diagnosis and treatment for injured marine life

HAIKOU /China/, November 26. /TASS/. Haichang Ocean Park in Sanya city on the southern coast of Hainan Island stepped up efforts to protect and study marine animals threatened by insufficiently controlled human economic activities. According to the website of the company overseeing the project, Chinese experts are ready to share their knowledge and experience about the underwater world for its better protection.

The entertainment complex created the Biodiversity Conservation Center at the end of 2018 to preserve the ocean’s biodiversity. Since its formation, this center in collaboration with competent organizations from China’s other regions, saved about 30 sea turtles and 10 dolphins, which were reintroduced into the wild after undergoing treatment.

"At first, you can see fear in the eyes of the affected animals that come to us. They are afraid of people and may even attack [in self-defense]," Pan Lei, a veterinarian at the center, told the Hainan Daily newspaper. "However, this fear and bitterness disappears after we give them proper care. They even agree to play with us."

The specialist stressed that garbage dumped into open waters does great harm to the ocean and threatens the existence of many species of flora and fauna. As a result, some animals such as turtles are on the verge of extinction. "They periodically swallow plastic bags, mistaking them for jellyfish," the specialist explained. "And since these reptiles have no teeth, they can't chew it and swallow it whole. <...> People are responsible for this and must react immediately, working together to protect the environment, not to let the marine animals suffer. "

Pan Lei clarified that the Sanya Biodiversity Conservation Center has more than 30 people working to diagnose diseases and treat affected marine life. As the medic admitted, he and his colleagues work hard to care for the wild animals. "However, we believe that our work is not in vain," Pan Lei stressed.

Sanya Haichang Ocean Park is a complex that operates year-round and covers an area of 232,500 square meters. It’s also known as Fantasy City. It is part of the Haichang chain of cultural and entertainment facilities based on the seaside city of Dalian in northeast China. Each year about 20 million people visit these facilities, of which there are 10 in China.