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Russian company to start assembling robot for extravehicular work in 2020

The final version of the robot is expected by 2022
International Space Station  NASA
International Space Station

MOSCOW, September 12. /TASS/. In 2020, the Android Technology Company will start to assemble prototypes of Teledroid, Russia’s new robot for extravehicular activity at the International Space Station, the company’s acting director Yevgeny Dudorov told TASS.

"By the end of the year, we will complete developing design specifications, and, starting from next year, we will manufacture and assemble first prototypes of those robots," the official said.

Dudorov said the technical assignment for Teledroid was signed in early 2019. The final version of the robot is expected by 2022.

The Energia Space Rocket Corporation announced last year that in addition to sending an anthropomorphic robot to space, it plans to create two more robots. One of them, Cosmorobot, will work with the research and energy module expected to be launched to the ISS in 2022. The other, Teledroid, is designed for work on the space station’s Russian segment.