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Putin orders to send airmobile hospitals to Aleppo

Among those who need emergency medical assistance first are children and women

MOSCOW, November 29. /TASS/. The Russian Emergencies Ministry is dispatching an airmobile hospital and doctors from its Tsentrospas rescue team to provide medical assistance to residents of Syria’s Aleppo and nearby settlements, the ministry’s press service informed TASS on Tuesday.

"Under the instructions issued by the Russian president, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s airmobile hospital and doctors will fly to Syria in the morning on November 30. The hospital will be deployed in the vicinity of Aleppo to provide highly-qualified, high-tech medical assistance to residents of that Syrian city hit by artillery bombardments by terrorist groups' gunmen," the press service said.

Among those who need emergency medical assistance are children, women and senior citizens who cannot get it to the full extent in Aleppo whose infrastructure has been destroyed and hospitals damaged. 

"At the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu issued an order to swiftly send a special task medical team and a field hospital to Syria’s Aleppo," the ministry confirmed.

The hospital is equipped with pneumo-framed modules and has room for up to 100 in-patients and is capable of serving 420 out-patients a day, the ministry said, adding it has all necessary medicine and tools.

The hospital includes an admission and out-patient rooms, children’s, surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care department, an X-ray room and a diagnostics laboratory. The medical team also includes pediatricians and obstetrician