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Kiev regime’s brutality: Ukrainian POWs open up about ruthless anti-retreat squads

According to one of them, a platoon, which refused to fight, left, and no one ever saw them again

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. Ukrainian soldiers, who surrendered to Russian forces on May 25, revealed that the Kiev regime had barrier troops (better known as anti-retreat squads) that threatened anyone with summary execution for attempting to retreat or for low morale.

"Our commander told us, when were on the battlefield: if you start retreating, we will shoot you, also behind you are barrier troops, which will be shooting those running away" Dmitry Tarasyuk from the 95th assault brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said in a video, posted by Russia’s Defense Ministry on Thursday.

Tarasyuk also revealed that a platoon, which refused to fight, left. "No one ever saw them again," he said.

All soldiers, who surrendered during the fighting near Krasny Liman on May 25, gave testimony about these so-called barrier troops that punish those who do not want to fight, the Defense Ministry said.