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Russian party leader calls for closing all US extraterritorial biolabs

Leonid Slutsky stressed that experiments had been done on "thousands and thousands of people," including on the Ukrainian military

MOSCOW, February 17. /TASS/. Leonid Slutsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), has called for shutting down all US extraterritorial bio laboratories, including in Ukraine, immediately.

"As far as biological weapons are concerned, we trust that many national parliaments, like the Philippines, and many public organizations, funds, universities, and individual politicians will share our position. There should be no more of this kind of thing on the planet either today or any time in the future. And the existing biolaboratories must be closed immediately," he said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 television channel on Friday.

He stressed that experiments had been done on "thousands and thousands of people," including on the Ukrainian military.

Russia’s Federal Assembly, the country’s bicameral parliament, previously adopted an appeal to the parliament across the globe in connection with the United States military’s biological activities outside of US territory and called for a review of the legal and political aspects of the agreements between national public health services and the US Department of Defense. According to preliminary estimates, around 400 Washington-controlled dual-use biolaboratories are operating in other countries, the Russian lawmakers pointed out.

Last March, both houses of Russia’s parliament passed a resolution on a parliamentary probe into the operation of biolaboratories in Ukraine and ruled to set up a joint commission to conduct such a probe. The commission of 14 members of the Russian State Duma (lower parliament house) and 14 members of the Federation Council (upper house) is co-chaired by State Duma deputy speaker Irina Yarovaya and Federation Council deputy speaker Konstantin Kosachev. According to Yarivaya, the commission is expected to issue a dossier that will be referred to the Russian president and government, and to international organizations.