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Russia to continue assisting Mali in fight against terrorism, MFA says

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia has "traditionally friendly relations" with Mali

MOSCOW, October 14. /TASS/. Moscow will continue to assist Mali’s legitimate authorities in their fight against terrorists, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

"For Russia, security issues are an absolute priority in terms of the transition period in Mali and, as it has been stated repeatedly, Moscow will continue to provide Mali’s legitimate authorities with multifaceted assistance in their fight against terrorists who have long been disturbing normal everyday life in the African country that has friendly ties with Russia," the statement reads.

The ministry pointed out that in September, a number of French media outlets and African websites published politicized accusations of human rights violations and looting against the Malian army and Russian instructors working in the country. The ministry said, however, that common Internet users slammed the publications as lies and a product of propaganda.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that French propagandists could not ignore the victories that Mali’s Armed Forces had attained in their fight against terrorism in the country and use every opportunity to tarnish the image of Russian military instructors.

"Paris cannot accept the fact that its troops had to leave the country’s former colony so it’s spreading fake news through the media outlets that it controls," the statement added.