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Medvedev warns about consequences for Moldova for supporting EU’s anti-Russian sanctions

According to Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman, Moscow’s response will follow shortly

MOSCOW, June 25. /TASS/. Moldova is ready to join the anti-Russian sanctions even without joining the EU, but Moscow’s response will follow shortly, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said on his Telegram channel Saturday, commenting on Chisinau’s EU membership candidate status for TASS.

He noted that Moldovan authorities decided to get ahead of themselves.

"Trying to please their new masters, not being a part of the EU, they are ready to join the European sanctions against our country. Oh well. Let them try. They can be 100% sure then that they will not only get ‘expensive’ energy and other resources, they will get none at all. Let them enjoy sanctions even before they get in the EU," Medvedev warned.