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Moscow vows to retaliate against West’s sanctions aimed at Russian politicians, companies

The Russian top diplomat lambasted the practice of employing unilateral restrictions "in bypassing the UN Security Council"

YEREVAN, May 6./TASS/. Russia will be retaliating against the unilateral sanctions of the European Union targeting the Russian leadership, Russian politicians, parliamentarians and companies, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a news conference following talks with his Armenian counterpart Ara Ayvazyan on Thursday.

"We are not going to close our eyes to such attacks against Russia, the Russian leadership, the parliamentarians of the Russian Federation, and our companies, whose only guilt, according to the European Union, is that they are registered in a country that the European Union decided to declare an aggressor without any reason whatsoever and absolutely illegitimately," the foreign minister stressed.

"The practice of employing unilateral restrictions in bypassing the UN Security Council is getting contagious. The United States has introduced this trend, while the European Union seems to have willingly picked it up," he insisted.