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Russia vows to report Ukraine’s media accord violations to international organizations

The diplomat recalled the transmission of propaganda materials to the Russian border territory

PYATIGORSK /Stavropol Region/, August 22. /TASS/. Russia will forward evidence of media agreement violations committed by the Ukrainian authorities to international organizations, Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told a Thursday briefing at the Mashuk Youth Forum.

The diplomat pointed out that Kiev organized broadcasts of propaganda material, bypassing the agreement reached at the 2006 Regional Radio Communication Conference, to Russia’s border territory along frequencies that the most popular Russian radio stations used prior to the digital switchover. Moreover, Ukraine is amping up its transmission power, which interferes with the broadcasts of Russian TV channels, she added.

"We are witnessing the Kiev authorities’ brazen disregard for international law. Not just global but the very international law they are striving for, by touting their European priorities," Zakharova said. "If additional data is needed, we are willing to provide it to the public and [our] partners. We will definitely submit it to international organizations. We will be looking forward to a response from the relevant international and human rights agencies."

"We are also witnessing the unacceptable behavior of western countries that are directing the authorities in Kiev to violate the norms that they had devised themselves. These violations spell the death of democratic values and are an example of disinformation and fake news, which Brussels is actively countering now," she said.