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Pilot error seen as possible cause of Magadan plane incident — source

The plane had 14 people on board

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. The incident at an airport of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Magadan was probably caused by a pilot error, a law enforcement source told TASS on Thursday.

"A pilot error during takeoff is among the most likely versions," the source said. "According to preliminary information, the plane underwent a pre-flight checkup and all necessary preparations. No problems were identified. This information is being verified at the moment."

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s press service earlier told TASS that an An-2 plane crash-landed at the Magadan-13 airport. According to preliminary information from rescuers, the aircraft hit the ground with its tail during takeoff. Presumably, it fell from the altitude of about ten meters.

The plane had 14 people on board - 11 passengers and three crew members. They safely left the aircraft using an inflatable evacuation slide.