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Advanced development territories bring over $2.73 bln of investments to Russia's Far East

The largest number of residents was registered in the territory of advanced development Khabarovsk

VLADIVOSTOK, December 28. /TAS /. More than 192 bln rubles ($2.73 bln) of investment was attracted to the Far Eastern Federal District through the establishment of territories of advanced development and the Free Port of Vladivostok, the Far East Development Corporation said Monday.

According to the statement, the Far East Development Corporation signed 16 agreements in the amount of 164.4 bln rubles ($2.34 bln) on the implementation of activities in the territories of advanced social and economic development. 86 applications were received in total amounting to 282.7 bln rubles ($4.02 bln).

The largest number of residents was registered in the territory of advanced development Khabarovsk. Five companies plan to build a production line of heat and sound insulation materials, metallurgical plant, the greenhouse complex of year-round production of vegetables, industrial park Avangard and a logistics center.

According to the statement, two months after the law on the Free Port of Vladivostok entered into force, the official website of the Corporation received applications from 169 interested in acquisition of the resident status. Two meetings of the Supervisory Board were held, where 9 companies received the resident status of the Free Port with a total investment 33.4 bln rubles ($475.13 mln).

A modern agricultural production will be organized within the Free Port, as well as tourism and recreation cluster, production of energy efficient equipment, LED-lighting, innovative processing plant / used tires, logistics centers, as well as a hotel and residential complex in the village of Slavyanka. More than 14,300 people will be employed in the projects.

Far Eastern advanced development territories

Currently there are nine advanced development territories in the Far Eastern Federal District. Two of them are located in the Khabarovsk region, the amount declared investment is about 23 bln rubles ($328.1 mln). Khabarovsk advanced development territory includes three sites for transport and logistics centers, agricultural production and food industry enterprises, factories for the production of building materials and others. Komsomolsk advanced development territory also has three platforms designed for engineering projects, power and other.

The Primorye region has two advanced development territories. The key project in Nadezhdinskaya - transport and logistics complex. Mikhaylovsky will specialize major agricultural centers and centers for processing of agricultural production and logistics.

Kamchatka includes development of port, industrial, tourism and recreational industries. Stated budgetary anchor investments of residents in the first phase of the project are at least 28 bln rubles ($398.58 mln).

Priamurskaya in the Amur region will have a plant for processing of cement clinker, an oil refinery, a major logistics center. Belogorsk will specialize in agriculture.

Industrial Park Kangalassy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will specialize in industrial production. Its residents will include companies that produce construction, energy and industrial materials from local raw materials.

Beringovsky will be created on the territory of the group of deposits of coal in the Chukotka Autonomous District. It is expected that in the future residents of Beringovsky are mining companies and companies for processing natural gas.

Tenth advanced development territory should be created in the town of Bolshoy Kamen in the Primorsky region, based on the shipyard Zvezda. It is planned that the document on its establishment will be submitted to the government before February 1. First advanced development territories on Sakhalin were recently approved. The sites will help the region to develop tourism and a number of agricultural projects that will improve the food security of Sakhalin and the Kurils.

Free port of Vladivostok

The law on Free Port came into force on October 12, 2015. It provides for the establishing of a new special economic zone embracing fifteen municipalities in the south of Primorsky Krai. The experts believe that the law will significantly accelerate the special economic zone development and boost investments.

As of December 1, according to Russia’s Far East Development Minister Alexander Galushka, Eight potential residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok have applied to participate in the project for 66 bln rubles ($994.89 mln) in total. According to the official, company 8 "solid proposals" from the residents for "66 bln rubles ($994.89 mln)" was received and formally submitted to the management. "For one and a half months of work ... it's a good result, which shows that there is interest in the free port of Vladivostok. In addition to these 8 applications, there are 16 proposals from investors. We are working with each of them individually," Galushka said.