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China publishes list regulating cross-border trade in services on Hainan

This document contains 70 restrictions

HAIKOU, July 30. /TASS/. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce released a restrictive list regulating the provision of services by foreign companies on Hainan. The list is published on the ministry's official website. 

This document contains 70 restrictions. Chinese and foreign service providers are given equal access to all types of economic activities not mentioned in this list. The Chinese authorities believe that the formulation of such a negative list will contribute to the development of a more open, transparent and predictable economy in the region.

Some activities have been completely banned, some — with only partial restrictions. For example, foreign fishing vessels need to obtain permission from the Chinese authorities before starting to explore fish resources in the Hainan waters. Foreign companies are prohibited from providing construction and engineering services in the province, and from selling, importing and exporting tobacco.

In some cases, access to economic activity is allowed only through an intermediary or a representative office in China. For example, such a restriction applies to the sale of veterinary drugs, feed, feed additives and pesticides. Access to the insurance business is provided to those foreign service providers who have opened an insurance company in China in accordance with Chinese law. Overseas companies can provide urban planning services (excluding general planning) only in coordination with specialized Chinese institutions.

The restrictive measures affect eleven industries: fishing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, logistics, telecommunications, finance, business services, science and technology, education, healthcare, and culture. This list will come into force on August 26.