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Seven companies linked with Deripaska re-registered in Russian "offshore" zone

The Oktyabsky Island in Russia’s Kaliningrad region is one of the territories with special administrative regime

MOSCOW, May 21. /TASS/. Seven companies affiliated with businessman Oleg Deripaska have been re-registered in a special administrative region (SAR) on the Oktyabrsky Island, in Russia’s Kaliningrad region, the Economic Development Ministry said in a statement.

The Oktyabsky Island is one of the territories with special administrative regime, which resembled the one on the State of Delaware, the offshore zone in the United States.

The reregistered companies are Trans Segtor Holdings Limited, Samus Investments Limited, Prime Emerald Trading Limited, Fenestraria Consultants, Limited, Langdale Holdings Limited, Rasperia Trading Limited, Cerastozamia Consultants Limit. The reregistration took place on May 20.

On Tuesday, Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin confirmed the reregistration of the companies saying "yes" to the relevant question from journalists. He added that work on re-registering other assets of Deripaska - Rusal and En +, in the zone with a special administrative regime is ongoing.

"We are working on it," Oreshkin said.

An official with the Economic Development Ministry noted that application of several more companies are being considered for re-registration under a special administrative regime.

Zones with special administrative regime, which implies preferential terms for international companies, were established on the Russky Island in Russia’s Far East and on the Oktyabsky Island in the Kaliningrad region last year.

The main purpose of the creation of such zones is to de-offshorization of foreign holdings controlled by Russian citizens. This is also part of Russia’s anti-sanction policy.