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Russian experts continue searching for Argentina’s San Juan submarine

The Russian Navy’s Yantar oceanographic research vessel has arrived in the search zone to join the operation

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Russian Navy experts have resumed their search for Argentina’s missing San Juan submarine after weather conditions improved, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

"In particular, the Pantera Plus unmanned submersible, which is being transported on board the Islas Malvinas vessel of the Argentine Navy, descended to the ocean floor three times, reaching depths of 840, 940 and 960 meters. The work will continue," the source said.

The Pantera Plus submersible has already dived seven times, going to depths ranging from 125 to 970 meters in order to explore seabed anomalies. The device detected and identified a fishing trawler and a body of concrete.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that the Russian Navy’s Yantar oceanographic research vessel had arrived in the search zone to join the operation.

Contact with the San Juan diesel-electric submarine, carrying 44 crew members, was lost on November 15. The Argentine Navy launched an intensive search and rescue operation on November 16. On November 30, the Argentine Navy declared that the rescue operation was over. However, the search for the submarine continues.