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Russian defense minister hails growth in defense technology cooperation with Egypt

The amount of bilateral contacts is surging, a portfolio of orders from Russian defense enterprises is growing, Russia's defense minister said

CAIRO, November 29. /TASS/. Russia and Egypt see a steady increase in defense technology cooperation, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in Cairo on Wednesday, addressing a fourth meeting of the Russian-Egyptian commission for cooperation in defense technology.

"The amount of bilateral contacts is surging, a portfolio of orders from Russian defense enterprises is growing. As a result, the Egyptian Armed Forces are getting better equipped with cutting-edge hardware and weapons, while their military capabilities are on the rise," Shoigu said.

Russia intends to bolster military cooperation and defense technology cooperation with the aim to strengthen the capabilities of Egypt’s Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies that "have largely shouldered the burden of the war on terror," according to the minister.

"In the field of defense technology, we note with satisfaction stable and positive dynamics," he said.

In the meantime, Egyptian Defense Minister Sedki Sobhy was hopeful for a breakthrough in defense technology cooperation concerning weapon production and defense technology transfers.

"One can be proud of the achievements in military cooperation over the past two years," he said. "We hope a breakthrough will be made in all spheres of military cooperation such as joint manufacturing and transfers of technology and weapons, joint military exercises, teaching and training."

"Egypt’s military and strategic tendency remains military cooperation, acquirements of cutting-edge weapons and advanced technologies, information and expertise exchanges, training of military personnel with the aim to increase combat capability of the national Armed Forces," Sobhy said.

At the meeting, Shoigu chairs the Russian delegation that brings together high-ranking officials and chief executives of major companies of the defense industry.