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US-led coalition delivers airstrike on pro-government forces in Syria

The staff of the Inherent Resolve operation claims that the Syrian government forces have entered an authorized de-escalation zone

WASHINGTON, June 6. /TASS/. The Air Force of the US-led anti-terrorist coalition in Syria on Tuesday delivered an airstrike on the pro-Damascus forces in a zone of de-escalation in Syria’s south, the staff of the Inherent Resolve operation said in a statement.

It claimed that the government forces' tanks, artillery, air defense systems, and about 60 soldiers had entered one de-escalation zone. However, their entry allegedly posed a supposed threat to the Western coalition's forces and its 'partners' located on Al-Tanf base.

The statement said the coalition had issued several warnings through conflict prevention channels and then destroyed two artillery pieces and damaged a tank.

The staff of the operation reaffirmed the absence of plans to fight with the Syrian government troops or with the government of President Bashar Assad but said the coalition was prepared to defend itself if the forces loyal to Damascus refused to pull out of the de-escalation zone.