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OSCE official confirms agreement on disengagement in Donbass signed

The OSCE special representative in the Contact Group says a security zone will be created in three disengagement sections

MINSK, September 21. /TASS/. A framework agreement on the disengagement of warring parties in Donbass was signed in Minsk earlier on Wednesday, the OSCE special representative in the Contact Group, Martin Sajdik has confirmed.

He interrupted participation in the meeting especially to break the news to the media.

"I would like to share good news," he told reporters. "A document on the disengagement of manpower and materiel has just been signed by the representatives of Ukraine and Russia and initialed by Donetsk and Lugansk delegates. A security zone will be created in three disengagement sections: Zolotoye, Petrovskoye and Luganskaya. The text of the document will be published later today on the website of the country that holds the OSCE presidency."