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Political changes in Kosovo are tectonic – Serbia’s President

Aleksandar Vucic noted that "after 10 years, the Serbs decided to leave the institutions of power in Pristina"

BELGRADE, November 7. /TASS/. Drastic political changes have occurred in the breakaway region of Kosovo, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on the air with the Pink TV Channel.

"This definitely refers of major political and almost tectonic changes," the President said. "Serbs made the decision to leave Pristina’s [government] institutions in a decade," Vucic noted.

Heads of law enforcement departs in northern municipalities of Kosovo resigned after Pristina had dismissed Nenad Djuric, the head of the northern regional police department, for the refusal to write out fines to the Serbian population. Serbs also left all the government institutions of the region.

Kosovo authorities made the decision earlier to fine individuals that did not change Serbian license plate numbers to the ones of the breakaway region. The transitional period will last until April 21, 2023.