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Number of coronavirus cases in Belarus up to 163 — health ministry

The Belarusian health ministry said that "as of now, more than 31,000 coronavirus tests have been made in Belarus"

MINSK, March 31. /TASS/. The number of coronavirus cases in Belarus has risen from 152 to 163, the country’s health ministry said on Tuesday.

"Over the past day, eleven people with suspected coronavirus infection were taken to hospitals. As many as 128 patents have been released, including six who earlier tested positive for COVID-2019," the ministry said. The ministry provided no COVID statistics but based of the March 30 figures — 152 cases — it can be surmised that the current figure is 163.

The ministry also confirmed the first coronavirus-related death, saying it was a senior patient "suffering for a range of chronic diseases complicated by the coronavirus infection."

"As of now, more than 31,000 coronavirus tests have been made in Belarus," the ministry said. "Measures are being taken to exercise control over the epidemiological situation."

A pneumonia outbreak caused by the COVID-19 virus (previously known as 2019-nCoV) was reported in China’s city of Wuhan, a large trade and industrial center with a population of 12 million, in late December 2019. Since then, cases of the new coronavirus have been reported from 160 countries, including Russia. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. According to the latest update, the novel coronavirus cases across the globe have exceeded 760,000, with nearly 37,000 fatalities.