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Nils Usakovs officially resigns as Riga’s mayor

To date, Oleg Burov from the Honor to Serve Riga party is the current acting Riga Mayor

RIGA, May 29. /TASS/. Nils Usakovs, leader of the social-democratic Harmony party, which represents the interests of Latvia’s Russian-speaking population, who was elected to the European Parliament after election, reported that he had officially resigned as Riga’s mayor.

"The last selfie in the Riga mayor’s chair. The election to the European Parliament is over, and today I am leaving the position in which I worked for 10 years, thanks to support from the Riga residents and the team. Thank you!" he wrote on Wednesday on his Facebook page, publishing his photo in the mayor’s chair.

"Our team will choose a new mayor in the near future and continue the work that we started in 2009. And I will also continue the fight in court to prove that my dismissal was illegal," he added.

The Latvian news agency LETA reported that Usakovs’ official resignation as Riga’s mayor is a legal move to elect a new mayor. To date, Oleg Burov from the Honor to Serve Riga party is the current acting Riga Mayor. This political force’s administration agreed on Wednesday to nominate Dainis Turlais for the position of Riga mayor. Harmony promised to support his candidacy.

On April 5, Latvia’s official publisher Latvijas Vestnesis published Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Juris Puce’s decree on the Riga mayor’s resignation. The minister’s order contained violations committed by Usakovs as mayor, which mostly relate to the city’s relations with the municipal transport company Rigas Satiksme regarding the report on changes in the parameters of the company’s fixed capital and budgetary investments in it. Usakovs appealed the minister’s decree in court.