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China may be included in potential Russia-US nuclear deal, says Trump

Earlier on Friday, Trump and Putin have held a phone call

WASHINGTON, May 3. /TASS/. China has expressed a wish to be included in a potential Russia-US nuclear disarmament deal, US President Donald Trump said on the outcomes of the phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We’ve discussed the possibility of a three-way deal instead of a two-way deal. I’ve already spoken to [China], they very much would like to be part of that deal. In fact, during the trade talks we started talking about that, they were excited about that, maybe even more excited than about trade," Trump said.

The US leader added that the talks with Russia might start in the near future, and China may join them in the process. The talks will focus on non-proliferation and signing a nuclear deal, Trump stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Trump and Putin have held a phone call, during which they discussed "the current state and prospects of bilateral relations with a focus on economic cooperation", the Kremlin press service informed. The presidents also discussed North Korea, Venezuela, Ukraine, and nuclear disarmament.

In early 2019, Trump announced the US’ exit from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. On February 2, Kremlin suspended its participation in the treaty as well. Putin instructed Russia’s foreign and defense ministers not to initiate any contacts with Washington on this matter due to the US’ unwillingness to discuss the issues of strategic stability.