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Siberian tiger arrives in Copenhagen from Moscow zoo

The tiger’s journey to the Danish capital took 60 hours

MOSCOW, March 7. /TASS/. Miron the Siberian tiger has arrived in Copenhagen from the Moscow Zoo as part of the European program aimed to preserve the rare feline species, the Russian capital’s City Hall reported on Wednesday.

The tiger’s journey to the Danish capital took 60 hours.

"The tiger had a good trip and is now exploring his new home," the City Hall said.

The Copenhagen zoo is home to two female tigers born in 2013. Miron will meet them after the quarantine.

"If the mating is successful, we will get a new genetic line. This is very important for the preservation of these felines in captivity," the city hall said.

Meanwhile, Miron’s brother can be sent to a Japanese zoo.

"The transportation of tigers is a very complicated and risky process which requires much effort. But we can deliver animals to any part of the world," the City Hall quoted Svetlana Akulova, the Moscow Zoo director, as saying.

Miron was born at the Moscow Zoo in 2014. The zoo is home to five male and five Siberian female tigers.

About 540 Siberian tigers currently remain in the wild, mainly in Russia’s Far East.